Guitar Set Up Courses

Here at Guitar Tech Courses we’ve talked a lot about what it takes to make a guitar and how to really get to know your instrument. However, even the best made instrument needs work doing before it is ready to play.

Our professional guitar set-up course covers this at length. We show you how to adjust your truss rod, adjust the action height, radius the saddles and accurately intonate both electric and acoustic guitars. We will not only show you how guitars are made, but why they work the way they do and the importance of finding the settings that work.

Perhaps the most important thing you will get from these courses is confidence. Confidence in yourself, and confidence that your instrument will respond the way you need it to.

This course will show you how to fully Pro Setup any guitar, with specific and key set-up points that you will take away with you.

Above all, what the guitar set-up course allows you to do is turn a guitar into your musical instrument, and that’s a priceless gift.

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How to Get a Job as a Guitar Tech

As a kid there’s a point in everyone’s life when they dream of being a rock star – the fame, the money, the adulation, the trashing hotel rooms without being expected to clean up afterwards, it’s not hard to see the appeal. But the guy with the massive hair and the electric guitar is only the front end of a huge operation that includes everyone from the drummer to the front of house staff, and a crucial but often overlooked part of that operation is the technicians that keep everyone’s instruments in top condition. The guitar technician might not seem as glamorous as the people out on the stage, but they are a vital component, keeping the show going night after night, knowing perhaps even more than the musicians about what’s going on behind the scenes.

Learning the Basics

If this sounds like the job for you, it’s easy to get started as well. Plenty of colleges will do vocational training courses, including electronics and woodwork that’ll give you the grounding in the materials and techniques that you’ll need when you’re tuning up an electric guitar. Courses like our own build-a-guitar course can also give an invaluable insight into just how those instruments work.

Don’t think this an option for people who like the rock’n’roll lifestyle but don’t want to learn to play either. To know how a guitar has to work it you need to know how to work it yourself. You don’t have to be Jimmy Hendrix, but a solid command of the basics is a must.

Getting a Foothold

From there it’s a matter of finding your first jobs. Help out your friend’s bands, keep an eye out at clubs and libraries for bands that are looking […]

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