It’s September. The Summer of Sport is finally over, kids are just heading back to school after their holidays, so naturally it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. With that in mind, Guitar Tech Courses have come up with a list of the best gift ideas for the guitarist in your life.
Build your own guitar
At number one of course we are going to recommend the ultimate gift for a guitarist or guitar player. Our very own course which will teach you how to build your own custom electric guitar.

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Marshall Major Headphone
Check out these badboys. Features include a microphone and mobile phone controller. From what we have seen, the sound quality on these headphones is fantastic and a must for any serious guitarist or lover of the Marshall brand.
Personalised Guitar Pick
A good guitar pick is as important as having a good guitar and a good amp, and just as many musicians become emotionally attached to their instruments, guitarists often have a favourite guitar pick that they keep for good luck, or just sentimental value. So why not get them a pick that’s extra special?
Shubb Capo
A capo is a nifty little device that shortens the guitars strings, allowing you to raise the pitch of the instrument. Most guitarists agree that “The Shubb” is the most reliable make of capo out there for acoustic or electric guitars. It makes for a great stocking filler.
A-Framed Guitar Stand
Out of sight, out of mind. If your guitar-playing loved one keeps their guitar in a case or a box, the chances are they don’t play it as much as they’d like. A display stand like this means that the guitar is always to hand should […]