A bit of history

Guitar Tech Courses (GTC) was established in late 2011 by James Collins. James runs 12th Fret Guitar Repair and builds custom electric and acoustic guitars under the name of James Collins Guitars. GTC has been developed and coordinated by good friend and webmaster Drew Sayer of Neptune Media.

James trained in America at the Galloup School of Lutherie, graduating in 2007. In January 2008 12th Fret was set up to offer the same quality, service and skilled repair/setup work that was studied and witnessed in the states. In recognition of this in June 2010 12th Fret became one of four Gibson Service Centres in the UK and has gone on to establish itself as a place for professional and quality guitar repair work and guitar setup. James’s own line of custom swamp Ash telecasters and custom Telecasters have all been sold on commission and featured in Wired magazine’s Object of Desire 2012.

James Collins Guitars own line of guitars have now been featured in Guitar & Bass Magazine, Guitarist Magazine, video reviewed in iGuitar Magazine as well as being exhibited around the country and internationally.

The GTC 3 day custom guitar build course was created to offer students of all levels the experience of making a customised Strat or Tele under close guidance. Using the best quality components and tooling, following James’s structured approach to guitar building, and learning from his wealth of experience, they not only end up with a great playing and looking guitar but also gain a hands-on experience in the construction, assembly and setting up of a custom guitar. Combining comprehensive theory with practical skills, students learn about scale length, fitting a bridge/tremolo, loading all the electrics, cutting a bone nut, fret dressing and professionally setting up their own custom made guitar. Students completing the course will demonstrate all the skills needed to build and look after their own guitars, or the guitars of others.

The GTC 1 day professional guitar setup course was added to the course programme so that more people could benefit from learning the skills needed to set up their own guitars and those of others. The course is both suited to the private individual as well as professional tech’s looking to brush up on skills or to broaden their skill-set. The course has proved very popular and covers all aspects of the professional setup for both electric and acoustic guitars.

The GTC 1 day Fret Dressing course has been added to bridge that gap where guitar tech’s or private individuals are finding their setup skills compromised by the state of the frets, this is where the knowledge and practical understanding of levelling the frets and then re-crowning the frets pays dividends. Ideally, people who attend the fret dressing course would have attended the Pro Setup Course (discount available) or have a good level of experience in setup.

Guitar Tech Courses can provide a highly enjoyable personal and professional learning experience. We hope the website can provide you with what you need to consider one of our courses, and if there are any questions at all then please feel free to email or call.

Many Thanks,

James Collins


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