Build a Custom Made Guitar

If you are looking for a first rate course to build a custom made guitar then you are in the right place.

During the course you will spend 3 days building your own electric guitar.

If you have ever thought to yourself, ” How do they make that” or more importantly, “I’d love to make my own guitar”, then we can not only provide high quality instructor lead training on how to build a custom made guitar but also something remarkable. A custom made electric guitar that most of our course members can’t belive quite how good it plays and sounds.

If you would like to know more about joining a course to build a custom made guitar then please check out our guitar courses page for more information, course availability and bookings.

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Custom Guitar Construction Course

In this electric guitar building course you’ll focus on making the most successful electric guitar of all time: the bolt-on-neck design.

In almost any music store, these guitars outnumber others five-to-one.

The course will cover: Body & Neck assembly, Pickup Installation & installation of all Electronics, the Professional Setting up of an Electric Guitar.

For more information on the course, including availability and booking please go to the courses page

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Hot News – Guitar Technician Course

Update: It’s here…. We spent a few months building the best guitar tech course for pro guitar setups and it’s finally here. Check out the guitar course details here.

We working hard on creating a new course.

A single day with us will give you the essential guitar tech skills to setup like a pro.

Our single day course will teach you all the essential skills require to setup guitars to perfection.

We’ll add the course to the official course list as soon as it is ready.

If you want to be notified about the course, please email us or go to the contact page and use the form.


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