Pro Setup Course 2017 Dates

We are continuing with our 1 Day Professional Guitar Setup Course usually held middle of the month on a Saturday for 2017. Available for beginners, intermediates & the more experienced. Dates below..

“Saturday – 14th January 2017”
“Saturday – 11th February 2017”
“Saturday – 11th March 2017”
“Saturday – 8th April 2017”
“Saturday – 13th May 2017”
“Saturday – 10th June 2017”
“Saturday – 8th July 2017”
“Saturday – 12th August 2017”
“Saturday – 9th September 2017”
“Saturday – 14th October 2017”
“Saturday – 4th November 2017”
“Saturday – 16th December 2017”

These dates will be added to our online booking form in the next few weeks once November & December Setup course are full (bookings being taken now).

Many Thanks, James.

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Guitar Tech Courses & Your Guitar Academy

We’re really looking forward to teaming up with Your Guitar Academy to bring you our new Guitar Tech Maintenance Videos. Coming Soon…

Your Guitar Academy is the UK’s central hub for learning guitar. They offer an online subscription-based range guitar lessons called “YGA Pro”, as well as private guitar tuition in several parts of the UK including London. They welcome students of all ages and abilities looking to learn and improve, from complete beginners to experienced players. They’d love to hear from you.


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