Brushing up on your skills, learning new techniques and creating something the bottom up is both rewarding and satisfying. Guitars are fascinatingly versatile instruments, included in many genres of music, which all require slightly different guitar setups.

Whatever the genre you play, it is possible to make a guitar perfectly suited to the style of music. Learning or relearning the basics and the complexities of technically setting up a guitar can help make playing much more enjoyable, and improve the quality of your sound.

Learning the technicalities can improve your playing, but an in depth knowledge of your guitar can boost your abilities even further. We offer guitar building courses that start with the very bare bones of a body, and build up from there to create the ideal custom guitar.

Custom guitars are one-of-kind, often modified from standard models. However, building a guitar from scratch gives the finished guitar even more original flair, and a completely unique finish. Not only is the guitar completely personal to you, but making it will give you in depth knowledge of the inner workings of a guitar, help you repair your own model faster, and better inform you on how to improve the sound while you play.

Professional technicians and amateur hobbyists can build custom guitars on our guitar building course. Our courses are aimed at those of all abilities and run over a weekend, Friday to Sunday.

Take a look at our gallery to see guitars built on previous courses.