We have changed the days on which the 3 Day guitar build courses fall, they will now be taken on Thursday, Friday & completing Saturday. Many “students” have to work on the Monday so have no break after the weekend as well as quite a few people have the flexibility in the week but have family commitments etc on the weekend, so with that and other things in mind the courses for 2017 will reflect this change. The dates are below:-

“Thursday – 26th Jan 2017 to Saturday – 28st Jan 2017”

“Thursday – 23rd Feb 2017 to Saturday – 25th Feb 2017″

“Thursday – 23rd March 2017 to Saturday – 25th March 2017″

“Thursday – 27th April 2017 to Saturday – 29th April 2017″

“Thursday – 25th May 2017 to Saturday – 27th May 2017″

“Thursday – 22nd June 2017 to Saturday – 24th June 2017″

“Thursday – 27th July 2017 to Saturday – 29th July 2017”

“Thursday – 24th August 2017 to Saturday – 29th August 2017”

“Thursday – 28th September 2017 to Saturday – 29th September 2017”

“Thursday – 26th October 2017 to Saturday – 28th October 2017”

“Thursday – 30th November 2017 to Saturday – 2nd December 2017

We also now have a custom build configurator with all the available options for you, once booked we’ll send you the link so you can choose all your options.

These dates will be added to the booking form once November/December courses are fully booked, both booking now…

Hope to see you in 2017 building some more fantastic guitars.. James.