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We get a lot of great feedback from our students, which shows we must be doing something right. From time to time we publish authorised extracts from feedback, written testimonials and emails from students that have learned to build their own custom electric guitar or attended a guitar tech course with us.

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by Mike Gregory on Guitar Tech Courses
Guitar set-up course

I embarked on this course because I have a large number of guitars and wanted to be able to maintain them myself. Having tinkered a bit over the years I really wanted to understand the logical process that goes with assessing the current state of the set-up then completing the steps necessary to bring the instrument to its ultimate playing condition.The course was relaxed and friendly and with a small group it felt that everyones needs were understood and satisfied. All stages of the set-up were explained in depth and demonstrated before we tried ourselves along with an explanation of the tools we should acquire to do this at home. Active discussions at break times with a group of guitar nuts was also great fun!I left the course buzzing and have since assembled the tools needed and have started benchmarking my guitars ready to begin work.I am now booked on the fret dressing course in January to complement my current knowledge and cant wait!! - Mike

by Will T on Guitar Tech Courses
3 day build course review

I came in expecting to build a "reasonable" guitar with very average build quality and the craftsmanship of a novice builder. What transpired during the course however far out weighed my expectations. With James' (and Ollie) attentive tutelage and very personable teaching style I walked away with a strat that met the exact spec that I wanted which I am finding impossible to put down or find a flaw in. All parts used were much higher quality than expected and the attention to detail that James and Ollie provided meant that the guitar truly felt flawless once complete. This course is absolutely incredible and an unmissable experience for all guitarists. My deepest and most heartfelt thanks to James and Ollie and hopefully I will be back for the setup course and potentially another build in due time.Kindest regards-Will T

by Ian Harrison on Guitar Tech Courses
I've been on the tele!!

What a great last few days, with a good group of like minded guitar luving dudes! ... with a loverly mix of different builds going on from the beautiful bling real custom machines to the understated "sleepers" that. blow your socks off!James, you gave me just the right amount of guidance too (no point doing the course if you don't want to build it yourself). - I'm all proud of myself being the only one who needed to jump on the chisels! Lol.And the tele I built is wonderful ... only just put it down - the neighbours aren't so keen though ! I mean for versatility this things kills anything I can think of.Thanks GTC and pass my email to the guys to stay in touch.

by Anonymous on Guitar Tech Courses

Hi James
I am writing to thank you so much for the enjoyable and highly informative guitar set up course last Saturday.
You managed to pack in so much and presented everything in a way that was easy to understand.
The course has given me the confidence to start working on my guitar collection (which I have started to do already!) and I feel that doing so will help bring me closer to my instruments and increase my playing enjoyment.
So all in all I am delighted that I attended the course and thanks again for a great day!
Kind regards, Quentin.

by Dave Thorne on Guitar Tech Courses

Dear James Many thanks for a superb guitar building course.Over the three days I felt inspired, stressed, joyful, awed, worried, delighted, proud, engaged, relaxed, re-assured, capable, tired, focussed and ….mostly like a child in a sweet shop. Three days of the best fun I've had in years, your style is relaxed but attentive. Your approach made me aware of potential pitfalls, how to avoid them and your skill and experience gave me the re-assurance that if things went wrong you'd be able to help recover the situation.I am delighted with my guitar and was massively impressed with the other students instruments (I wanted them all). Each guitar is a unique instrument personal to the maker, using quality components, based on proven standards and processes resulting in superb playability and gorgeous tones, what more could we ask for (oh, I know, another one).I feel I have come away with a guitar that’s worth more to me than the cost of the course and the knowledge and confidence to help me set up my existing guitar collection to make them more playable and toneful.I also need to thank the other guys on the course who helped to make it a very special event, I now have four new guitar buddies.Health warnings:

  • This course is addictive and I'm now planning to attend a second course to build the Telecaster to partner my "Dave-ocaster". I would probably spec the neck pick up as per Duncan's after hearing how that sounded (sweet as..) I know others on the course have similar intent as well.
  • If you stay at the May Garland Inn you will be distracted and may find concentration during the working day difficult. There is enough comedy (of errors) material in the pub to create stand up tour think "Al Murray- goes to Sussex).
I would be grateful if you could share this mail with the other students and if they are happy for you to do so pass on their email address as I'd like to keep in touch.Many thanks again and I hope to see you early next year…Best RegardsDave Thorne

by Colin from Newcastle on Guitar Tech Courses
Fabulous weekend

Thanks to James for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. The course was relaxed and easygoing yet still very informative. Nothing was too much trouble for James, even ordering different guitar parts at very short notice. So , three gorgeous guitars and three very happy people who would recommend you just take this course if you are wondering if it is worth it. Trust me , it is.

GTC - Strat Build

I did the course back in May. James does a really great job of demonstrating the skill that goes into building a guitar while making it accessible. Thanks also to Andy for helping me with fret dressing It’s good fun and I’m really pleased with the end result.

by Dan Austin on Guitar Tech Courses
Thanks very much

James/James. Just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant weekend. The guitar build course surpassed my expectations, as did the guitar I came home with, which is easily the best I have owned. The whole process was great fun and a real challenge, but more importantly has left a luddite like me confident enough to set about my rather tired guitar collection and upgrade all of them. You have made the process thoroughly enjoyable from the very start of the booking process, at which point it became clear that you were going to make a huge effort to ensure we would not only be learning essential luthiery skills, but coming home with a dream guitar. The teaching was a really good mix of expert knowledge and just letting us get on with it, which really helped the knowledge learned to stick. I would recommend this course to anyone and think it represents superb value for money. It is also a great privilege to be tutored by guitar builders of such obvious brilliance.Thanks again. Dan

by Paul Lowe on Guitar Tech Courses
Pro Setup Course

Hello James, Just a note To say thanks for the course on Saturday. I thought it was just what I needed to give me the confidence to attack a guitar, and very well presented in a relaxed environment. I will bear in mind the build course, depending how I get on with my own projects. Please email me if you are in the area at any shows. Once again, thank you. Cheers Paul

by Rhod Williams on Guitar Tech Courses
Thank you.

Just a quick note to thank you and Andy for hosting a significantly enjoyably course last weekend.
I found the time most productive and stimulating let alone door right good fun.
The mix of theory and practise made it easier to retain a broad base of information, notwithstanding concluding with a tip top output!
Great syllabus and very well presented - I have no hesitation in recommending the course to others.
Thanks again

by Dave Hart on Guitar Tech Courses

Great weekend great guys both luthiers James and Andy plus all fellow inmates John and the two Rodgers. Will hopefully see you at the Liverpool guitar show!

by John Lynn on Guitar Tech Courses

3 fantastic days working with James and Andrew! I'll upload some photos in the near very future - so much information and advice from these guys it's really priceless. It really is an amazing experience to build a guitar with these guys... Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you both again soon - John

by Ann Grove on Guitar Tech Courses
Wonderful Experience

My 15 year old son has just completed your 3 day course and had a wonderful time. Although he knew no-one on the course and is very quiet, he felt at ease immediately and would love to repeat the whole experience. His completed guitar is just as he wanted it and looks amazing. The service from initial contact has been professional and helpful and well worth the expense. Thanks again.

by Paul Grant on Guitar Tech Courses

Thanks again for taking the trouble to source all the black bits and pieces and for your patients with my ham-fisted luthery. I think I’ve ended up with quite a unique instrument. I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. It sounds great, very traditional and twangy.

All the best, Paul

by William Vine on Guitar Tech Courses

Just a quick note to say that I really enjoyed the build course a couple of weeks ago and got my guitar safely back to the middle east with no issues.
The course confirmed that this is something I would really like to get into... Cheers.

by Ian Rose on Guitar Tech Courses
Custom build course

I cannot speak highly enough of the sence of achievement that I gained form this course. James is a very talented luthier whose expectaions are high. The course was very well set out and the training superb. I have a very special guitar that I have real attachment to because I built it and it also plays and sounds great, Thank you James ps I also made some good friends over the three days

by Mike Davies on Guitar Tech Courses
Pro guitar setup

Exactly what I was looking for, a brush up on what I've found myself doing time to time, only this time in the correct order! James was an excellent tutor with time for anyone's questions without deviation from the subject. Great day, great workshop, great individual learning.
Seriously considering the guitar build course.
Rock on.

by Matt McGinn on Guitar Tech Courses
Amazing value and you get to keep the axe!

Full Time Guitar Tech to Coldplay

Me and Hoppy – my esteemed colleague of twelve years standing (and counting) – went to James’s workshop last spring for a course in how to put together a Strat each.

The idea was to brush up our skills. In his capacity as Chris’s tech, Hop has a lot of mending to do, while I’m the opposite since it’s all about effects, tunings and musical cues, plus Jonny breaks nothing, ever.

James was enthusiastic, helpful, time-efficient and above all just as interested in us as we were in him. A great teacher.

The workshop is about the tidiest guitar space I’ve ever seen and the emphasis is on getting the job done…

Lovely. Nice one.

Amazing value as well, and you get to keep the axe!

Matt McGinn (Coldplay Guitar Tech)

by Trevor Stott – (Seaford) on Guitar Tech Courses
I thought my Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster was the finest guitar I had ever played

Until this evening my Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster was the finest guitar I had ever played, I am now undecided… I really can’t express my gratitude enough, a fabulous 3 days; I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

Kind regards

by Colin - (Iver) on Guitar Tech Courses
Better than my Standard American & Jeff Beck Strats

I had a good play with my new guitar once I got back home – I am delighted with it. I compared it in terms of quality, playability etc., with my Standard American & Jeff Beck Strats & concluded that it is a better guitar than both of them – which is a great testament to your tuition.

Thanks for a brilliant course, I enjoyed every minute of it. I now have a proper understanding of my instrument, some valuable skills & knowhow (that I hope to put to good use one day) & a great custom shop guitar!

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