Fret Dressing Course

The Fret Dressing 1 Day course is ideally suited to someone who has completed the Pro Setup Course or has a good understanding of Guitar Setup. The course covers the theory and practical of fret dressing from start to finish.


The Full cost of the course is £200


1 Day (Saturdays)
9:30am to approx 5:00pm (Including time lunch and breaks)


This course is designed for a max of 4 students at a time.

Full Course Details


The Fret Dressing course is designed for 4 people and the aim is to teach the art of fret dressing with confidence. The course is both theory and practical, we discuss all the fret levelling & recrowning  points and how to get the best out of fret dressing to a Professional Standard. We use 4 Squier Stratocasters to demonstrate all of these points. The Course also covers a brief Pro Setup refresher..

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for students with a good experience of setting up their or others guitars or ideally students who have already taken the Pro Setup Course. We are confident that you will leave with the knowledge and skills to fret dress your own guitars and having had the practical application of this new found knowledge, the confidence, which is often lacking with the majority of people to maintain their instruments.

What will you learn?


  • What is Fret Dressing: Detailed theory & practise
  • Preparations for fret dressing
  • Levelling the Frets using a levelling bar
  • Re-Crowning the Frets using a Diamond File
  • Polishing Frets
  • Re-Setting up. Theory Overview & Practical
  • General Q&A

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